My Highest and Best isn’t just who I’m meant to be. My Highest and Best is who I AM.

If there is ONE MASSIVE BIG GLORIOUS EARTH-SHATTERING foundational principle that ALL of my clients really tap into. (YES. EVERY SINGLE ONE IS TAUGHT THIS!), it’s the power and potential behind MASSIVE CLARITY in IDENTIFYING who the HIGHEST AND BEST version of YOU is. 

🚫Not highest and best version of who yo’ mama wants you to be.

🚫Not highest and best version of who academia wants you to be.

🚫Not highest and best version of who your girlfriend wants you to be. 

The HIGHEST and BEST version of who YOU were meant to be from the moment the UNIVERSE/GOD/MOTHER EARTH decided this world needed a YOU. 

And once you FINALLY gain clarity on this version of yourself, everything gets to flow so beautiful and naturally. From business success, to relationship growth, to financial abundance. Staying true to our most authentic and radiant selves is the super turbo speed way to having it all. 🚀 

After this 90 minute workshop, the visions of greatness and passion-filled purpose that you’ll experience will be undeniable. 💁🏻‍♀️

Get ready to FINALLY learn the HOW behind gaining clarity on the Highest and Best version of you. The YOU you were meant to be from Day 1. 

Cuz lets be for real, everyone is ALWAYS talking about the best version of ourselves but no one is actually telling us HOW to identify it. 🤓


What do people have to say about the workshop?

“This workshop is a game changer. A space full of pure love and truth, it was truly magical. Since the workshop I've rewatched the recording multiple times and every time I discover and tap into an even higher space. You are magic Nat!! Thank you for sharing your truth with the world, allowing and holding space for me to tap into mine!”

Lauren Creasey, Personal Chef and Author

“My favorite thing was being able to feel into the energy of the workshop. I truly felt that you were radiating so many truths and it has resonated so powerfully. The impact has been momentous. It has completely kind of taken me by a whirlwind.”

Angelica Brown, Reiki Master and Intuitive Leader

“I absolutely loved the workshop. I learned that just because I don’t yet have what I desire to have as my highest self, it doesn’t mean I can’t act as my highest and best right now. I learned everything I’ve been through up until this point has been a gift. And we always have the option to choose again!”

Brianna Sanchez, Fitness Coach