To this day, the Highest and Best Workshop was the most impactful and foundational course I’ve ever created.

The H + B Musical Meditation Series is not just an extension of the workshop I launched a couple months ago, it is a divinely channeled reflective, meditative, and musical experience that is really unlike anything else within the personal development and mindset space.

For four weeks, we will meet within an intimate group setting via zoom.

Every single week will be focused on tapping into your highest and best on a specific, focused, intentional topic:

Week 1: Highest and Best in Health

Week 2: Highest and Best in Career

Week 3: Highest and Best in Relationship

Week 4: Highest and Best in Finances




Every week, you’ll be divinely guided through a magical meditation LIVE within a group setting by yours truly. Me. Nat. :) Meditations will range from 15-30 minutes but I am also so open to taking as much time as needed every week to guide you all through what I feel is coming forward regardless of any time expectation.

After every guided meditation, you’ll be given 10-20 minutes of musical reflection time as you jot down anything and everything that comes forward.

Whether it’s magical ideas. Inspired action. Divine downloads. I want to give you the space to reflect and declare whatever comes forward at the most powerful and expansive time.

My favorite part is that the reflection time will be a time of musical reflection. Where the music will be performed and played LIVE by me. Composed and presented divinely on the spot, every single week.

The meditations will be recorded and given to you FOREVER for repeated use, access, and expansion. As well as the musical reflection pieces for you to play and listen to whenever you’d like.

Here is what a weekly group call will look like:

  1. 10-15 minutes of powerful intention setting, declaration of desire, and elevating energy for the call and for the week ahead

  2. 15-20 minute “teaching session” laying the internal, external, and mindset framework for H +B topic of the week

  3. 15-30 minute guided meditation using techniques such a breath work, visualization, body scanning, transcendental meditation, higher power conversations, inner child healing, and chakra balancing focused on the H +B topic of the week.

  4. 10-15 minutes of musical reflection time with musical composition and performance channeled and composed by me in the moment.

  5. 20-30 minutes of support time answering any of your questions, diving deeper into anything that came up during the meditation, on any other type of guidance and support you feel like you need to move forward powerfully throughout the week.


I’m ready to sign up Nat!


As a BONUS and a requirement of completion before we start the H + B Musical Meditation Series on October 1st, you’ll get access to the Highest and Best Workshop Digitally FO’ FREE! A $497 value course on its own. 

For all of the amazing peeps that have previously invested in the Highest and Best Workshop please message me directly if you’re interested in joining in on the musical meditation series and know that there is a special discounted enrollment price for you to join in. ;)

This is my most divinely given idea yet and I’m so excited to share this with all of you.

We officially start on October 1st.

Weekly group meditations will be held every Tuesday at 5:30PM PST, 8:30PM EST. 

All enrollment link options are down below :)

Put down a deposit followed by three bi-weekly remaining payments to enroll…


as a PAID IN FULL BONUS you’ll get:

1) your own copy of the Five Minute Journal sent in the mail ($25 value)

2) 1-on-1 60 minute Mindset Coaching call ($500 value)

Please email me at or message me directly with any and all questions that you may have.

I’m so so so excited to pour my heart and soul into all of you not just in an expansive mindset support way, but also in a creative musical, and meditative way that really is more special than anything I’ve ever created. 

With love and sincerity always,

Nat :)