After 2 years of running an online fitness coaching business, Nathalie realized that a transformation journey is so much more than just about weight loss and fixing your eating habits. As woman after woman progressed through her program, Nat guided all of her Goddess clients on a journey of using exercise, food, self-care, and relationships as opportunities to honor themselves.

Honoring the highest and best versions of themselves.

Honoring their GODDESS selves.

And thus, the Goddess Project 30 Day Challenge was born. Hundreds of women are shining brighter with confidence, energy, health, happiness, fulfillment, and purpose in all areas of their life, alongside like-minded Goddesses, on a beautiful journey that starts with 30 days of foundation, and a lifetime of lifestyle change and radiating like the Goddesses every single one of them is meant to be.


“I've lost 22 lbs and 5.5 inches in 12 weeks. Working with Nat has been absolutely AMAZING! I have seen so much progress in myself not only fitness-wise but as a person too! She has shown me that it’s okay to be myself and embrace who I am. That I need to put myself first. Also, she’s changed my lifestyle completely to where I worship myself, eat well, and get my workouts in because that is what is best for me. She is always there for me whenever I need her and not just for fitness reasons. She’s there for me when I need someone to talk to and she definitely supports you through all of life’s ups and downs. Nat always is upbeat and happy and if you have any questions regarding workouts, macros, etc. she’s there!” - Brittney B.


“6 months ago, I was binging.

I said “screw it” and 1 bowl of sugary cereal turned into 5 (not joking). I ate entire bags of chips and cookies until I felt sick to my stomach. I was craving endorphins so badly and the stress around me was so much, that my relationship with food was in ruins.

So I punished myself… by going on a strict Keto diet. No cheat days, no indulging. Under 30 carbs per day (!). The few days I slipped, I gained the weight back immediately and felt sick. I came to Nathalie eating less than 1000 calories a day and unable to get much movement in because I was so exhausted.

12 weeks ago…

I was so angry at myself. So out of harmony with my body. I saw it as the enemy, a stubborn extension of myself that refused to cooperate. I blamed my hormones, my genes, my cravings, instead of listening to what they were trying to tell me.

My story might look a lot different than other girls. If I’ve learned anything these past few months it is how to listen to my body and love myself- a skill and relationship that goes far beyond inches or lbs., and even progress pictures.

I’m one of those people who can follow any directions just because someone tells me to, but that does not mean any of it sticks with me.

Something has to hit my heart for me to see any real transformation, and that is exactly what I have experienced with Nat.

I had some genuinely rough weeks during our 1:1 time together. Death in my family, repeated sickness in myself, unexpected travel, and a time of crucial support for others around me.

Yet somehow this past month has been one of the best of my life.

I can sprint for the first time in my life without having an asthma attack or being just plain exhausted.

My cravings are completely under control with moderate indulging.

I can talk positively about myself! When Nat first asked me to make a list of what my “goddess self” would look like, it was so counterintuitive. I was used to tearing myself down and struggled to envision what this woman would look like.

Sneaky Nat, my goddess self was inside of me all along!

I feel healthier. My fruit & veggie intake is so much higher than it was (if your diet tells you that a fruit or veggie is bad, they’re taking something out of context!)

I feel more in control of my anxiety and depression… the relationship between my mind and my body is stronger than ever.

I feel so unbelievably supported by Nat and her community. She practices what she preaches and she genuinely cares for and supports her goddesses.

Nat loves with her whole self… because she has learned to love herself. That is the key to any transformation and I hope to pass it on to the other woman I influence in my life.”

-Molly F.

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“When I started this program, I was lifting already but I have become a whole lot stronger physically and mentally. Today I am a beautiful Goddess. I have been amazed how much food I can fit into my macros. I have lost 2.5 inches around my waist, not as bloated. And I love the shrinking. I lost 5 lbs in the 6 weeks. The win I am most proud of is being mentally okay with any and all food. Also people have said I have lost so much weight and they have seen my confidence grow. In six weeks, my life changed completely around food.” -Alex D.


Amy and Stefanie did the Summer 2018 Goddess of Nourishment Group Program. They did not know each other prior to the program but lived in the same area. Months later, they are still supporting one another, going to concerts together, indulging guilt free in froyo together, and holding each other accountable throughout their Goddess transformation journeys.


“Before I started this, I had severally fallen off track & started to panic that was I was going to loss all my progress. Today, I am more motivated, confident, and happier than ever. I lost about 7 inches around my waist, my weight keeps going back and forth but I’m seeing the difference in pictures! My pant size has definitely gone down & all my pants are either too big or finally fit perfectly. Everyone around is amazed and always saying how amazing I look & it is such a great feeling.  Now, I feel so proud. So proud I fully committed and gave it my all. I feel like I’m making smarter choices with everything in life while still enjoying food. It’s amazing! Working with you & this program have given me exactly what I needed to refocus and recharge & I feel better than I ever did. I feel like I can finally see myself in that hot bod I always wanted. I couldn’t be more thankful for you & all the amazing Goddesses in our group! By far the best experience!” -Marcie P.

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Not have Nat’s Goddess clients been empowered  in their physical transformation journeys, but they have experienced a massive shift in self confidence that is radiating into and influencing every other aspect of their lives. Whether it is a job promotion, a speaking event, or meeting that one special person, be prepared to not only have personalized nutrition and fitness attention, but also undergo radical mindset shifts, repair your relationship with food, break mental barriers, love your body, and feel sexy and confident in your own skin like never before. Get ready to embrace your Goddess within. You deserve it, Beautiful. :)

“When I first started the 6 week group program in June I was coming out on the other side of an especially stressful year that really took a toll on me in every way. Physically I was the highest weight I had ever been, Mentally I was exhausted and really anxious about the big life changes I knew were up ahead and I just had this spiritual and emotional heaviness.

The six weeks have flown by but physically I have lost 8 pounds, 3.5" in my waist, and 4" in my stomach. and I'm down at least one shirt and one pant size. All the shirts I had kept in the back of my closet because they were just too tight  for me to feel comfortable wearing, now fit perfectly and  the clothes I was wearing six weeks ago are too big. Mentally and emotionally,  I  have more energy, I'm sleeping better, and overall just more carefree.  I used to be so hard on myself to meet certain goals in a certain amount of time and if I didn't I'd throw in the towel.  In only six weeks I'm more forgiving of myself and trusting of the process while I truly enjoy the journey. 

I knew Nat was genuine, passionate, and knowledgeable before I joined, and it's the #1 reason I did join... but she's truly incredible and offers above and beyond support with the most loving yet contagious get it done approach. And the group aspect was invaluable. While we were all at such different points in our journey, seeing the other girls transformations encouraged me to keep going, knowing I "had" to show up each week on the group call held me accountable to the commitment I had made, and my weekly check-in partner turned into a daily conversations with a new friend. 

My only complaint, is about half way through the program, I was feeling really good about my progress and bought a new pair of moderately expensive jeans as my others were getting pretty loose already, and now at the end of all of it, they're also too big!! I'll gladly take it, but moral of the story: just don't buy expensive clothes for a while- they won't fit for long ;)” - Amy S.

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There are millions of resources out there to get us in the best shape of our lives. So why don't we all have our dream bods? I for one, had no idea where to even start. As overwhelming and intimidating as it all may seem, it can become second nature with a personalized nutrition and workout plan. 



By shifting what you think you are capable of, the way you encourage yourself, and the way you see yourself and your body image, you can create a new identity, a new sense of self, harness your true potential, and undergo a powerful shift in how incredibly capable of greatness you truly are.



No goal or plan for success, whether health and fitness related or not, is complete without a consistent and solid support system. By having a team of strong, like-minded women lifting you up every step of the way, and by being in community, we are more likely to not only succeed, but to THRIVE. 

"Empowering women to harness their true Goddess potential in every single aspect of their lives."