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“I want to live a Day in the Life of Nat!”

“You always seem so happy!”

“I wish I could go to the beach with you!”

“Its my dream to go salsa dancing with you!”

“It looks so peaceful in Santa Monica!”

“What I would give to spend a day in your vibe!”

“I love your energy!”

I’ve intentionally created the joy filled life I have today.

I stood up for the energy I desired to experience on a daily basis. And believed I could have it because I desired it. And I now live it.

And I live in one of the most gorgeous places in California. But I may be a bit biased :P


I’ve made life-giving practices such as salsa dancing, bike riding on the beach, Santa Monica sunsets, farmers market adventures, and Gold’s gym workouts non-negotiable in my day to day BEing.

I’ve set energetic and experience standards for myself where I’m surprised by God every day with surprise encounters, surprise dollah billz, surprise new ideas, and miraculous manifestations that always leave me in awe. 

Its these practices and standards that ensure that my NAT ENERGY is in tip top shape and as radiant as ever. 

And its my consistent commitment to doing the inner work, healing beliefs that aren’t serving me, and create new ones that allow me to thrive and shine as the Highest and Best Nat that I’m meant to be.

The Highest and Best Nat I am.

The Highest and Best Nat all of you know. :)


I’m so excited to publicly announce that I’m offering an all day, in-person “Magical Day of Adventure with Nat.” 

I’ve actually privately offered experiences like this to past and current clients, but I felt called now to offer this to my greater community.

If you’ve never worked with me before, or you have and you’ve desired to get all up in that Nat energy flow, and have one month’s worth of coaching and support from me jam packed in one day, in one of the most beautiful places in the US, this is the perfect opportunity for you.

The Magical Day of Adventure with Nat is essentially a full day of coaching and support where we’ll do an intensive deep dive into your inner world, gain clarity on your highest and best, set energetic standards for the experiences you desire to create, and immerse you within a magical bubble of Nat Wiz and Energy support that you’ll emerge from more confidently than ever.

We’ll start our day off together with a morning Santa Monica beach walk and meditation, setting powerful intentions for the energy and breakthroughs we wish to cultivate throughout the day.

We’ll then either get in a life-giving booty workout at the Mecca, Gold’s Gym in Venice, or take an exciting beach bike-ride from Santa Monica all the way to Marina Del Ray, followed by a nutritiously dense lunch at one of my favorite spots, Gratitude Cafe.


After lunch, we’ll head over to one of the most magical places on the west side, the stunning Getty Villa, a break-taking museum overlooking the ocean in Malibu. The Getty Villa is full of treasures from the Villa dei Papiri, a Villa buried by the eruption of Mount Vesuvius, and other breath-taking marble sculptures and artifacts that are centuries old and emitting a magic of their own. We’ll take beautiful pictures in the Villa’s gardens and have an afternoon tea as we chat.

After our Getty Vill adventure we’ll prepare for a fancy sunset dinner and drinks overlooking the ocean.


Following dinner, it’s time for my FAVORITE THING IN THE WORLD. SALSA DANCING! Don’t worry, we’ll take a class together before we dance at one of my favorite, fancy and classiest spots, Hotel Sofitel in Beverly Hills.

This day will be nothing short of magical, expansive, supportive, life-giving, joy-filled, fun, and full of surprises and miracles!

I’m offering one of these Intensive Support and Adventure Days in November and one in January. The first two individuals to submit payment in full or via payment place for either month get the spots. Your investment includes all meals and activities for the day. You’ll be responsible for your travel to Santa Monica and your lodging.

I’m so excited to have the most magical day with you.

I simply can’t wait (but I’ll try to be as patient as possible :P)

With love and sincerity,


Have questions, comments, or celebrations? Email me and my team at and we’ll get ya supported :)